The ultimate vision for SketchX is to understand how seeing can be explained by drawing. In other words, how better understanding of human sketch data can be translated to insights of how human visual systems operate, and in turn how such insights can benefit computer vision and cognitive science at large.

SketchX has been actively investigating all aspects of sketch research since 2011. Problems we study range from conventional tasks such as sketch recognition and sketch synthesis, to those pioneered within, e.g., fine-grained sketch-based image retrieval and memory-aware forensic sketch analysis.

Over the years, SketchX has established itself as a world-leading research lab on human sketch analytics, and continues to publish sketch-specific papers in top conferences and journals. It had enjoyed many achievements both academically including a Best Science Paper Award at BMVC’15, and commercially including collaborations with law enforcements on forensic sketch analysis, and on-line retailers on fine-grained sketch-based image retrieval.